100 Awesome Gift Ideas For Survivalist

Having a hard time figuring out what to get the survivalist in your life?  This article does all the Christmas brainstorming for you.  My favorite is number 13.  I know your survivalist would have a favorite item but I’m almost sure they wouldn’t be disappointed on anything on this list.

Less Than $10

  1. 24-Piece Camp Cutlery Set – Lightweight yet heavy duty cutlery that can be washed and reused.

  2. Apex72 Unbreakable Camping Mirror – A high-quality, unbreakable mirror that’s perfect for shaving or signaling for help.

  3. Columbia River Knife and Tool’s Eat N Tool – This multitool has a spoon, fork, bottle opener, and a carabiner.

  4. Credit Card Knife – Fits in your wallet and unfolds into a sturdy knife.

  5. EDT Mini Multitool – Includes pliers, a knife, a can opener, a screwdriver, and more.

  6. Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets – Lightweight blankets that will keep you warm in cold weather by retaining up to 90% of your body heat.

  7. Everstryke Pro Firestarter – A waterproof lighter that will start a fire in any conditions. Good for up to 30,000 strikes.

  8. Emergency Rescue Howler Whistle – A very loud whistle that could save your life in an emergency.

  9. Etekcity 5 Pack Camping Fire Starter – Lightweight but high quality magnesium flint and steel.

  10. Firekable Paracord Bracelet – A bracelet made of 80 feet of Paracord. It also includes a whistle and a fire starter.

  11. Flint Steel Fire Starter – Comes with a striker and 9 feet of paracord.

  12. Gear Aid Outdoor Sewing Kit – High-quality needles and thread for repairing ripped clothing and outdoor gear.

  13. Gerber Shard Keychain Tool – Lightweight and airline safe tool with multiple functions.

  14. HDE Flashlight Keychain – A solar-powered emergency flashlight that only costs a dollar.

  15. HyBeam Tactical Flashlight – A light yet heavy-duty flashlight that can be set to high, low, or strobe. Great quality for the price.

  16. Lightweight Gas-Powered Stove – A high-quality stove for the price, and it’s light enough to take anywhere.

  17. Microlight Flashlight – A mini LED water-resistant flashlight for your keychain with 4 functions.

  18. Military Can Opener – Small, durable, lightweight, and only costs a few dollars.

  19. Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch – Very small and very bright with an adjustable focus zoom light lamp.

  20. Mini Sewing Kit and Book – All the essential sewing supplies in a premium quality case.

  21. Paracord – An essential part of your survival preps. It’s 100% nylon and holds over 500 pounds.

The rest of the items can be found at the link below.  Happy hunting.


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