13 Crazy But Highly Effective Techniques Against A Rapist

So I was reading through a few self defense articles and came across this gem. Some of these are common sense while others are probably something you would be surprised actually works. The first three techniques are listed below. How do you think you would react?

With all the rape incidents reported across the nation, women should learn self-defense against rapists. Check out these tips on how you can prevent this horrendous atrocity from happening.

Women Self-Defense: Fight Against Sexual Assault

What would you do when someone suspicious is following you as you walk home from work or school? Nowadays, we can’t be too complacent of our surroundings, especially in these tough times where the crime rate is up and rape cases are on a relentless rise. Ladies, you should take the necessary precautions to avoid sexual assaults because, for all we know, some nympho might be silently waiting for its next victim. Learn these self-defense tips below and protect yourself at all cost!

1. Look Them in the Face

If you feel you are being followed, look them straight in the face and ask them questions or make small talk. It is important to see their faces for you to clearly identify them. This may lessen the would-be attacker’s interest to make you a target.

2. Shout Stop or Stay Back

When you see someone approaching, clench your fist in front of you and shout “Stay back!” or “Stop!” as loud as you can. Most attackers will leave you alone if you show you’re not afraid to fight back. Shouting is a great form of self-defense against rapists.

3. Carry a Pepper Spray

If you have a pepper spray, hold it out in plain sight while shouting. Pepper spray contains active ingredients from chili peppers that are distinctly pungent and very hurtful to the eyes. This will deter the would-be attacker from coming towards you. Be sure you are willing and able to use it.

The 6th and 9th techniques caught me by surprise because I never would have thought of them.

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