17 Signs That Make Your Home A Target For Burglars

People really need to be aware of this – especially around this time of year.  This articles covers 17 ways you make your home a good target for burglars.

Everybody loves the holiday season, including burglars. Every year, the rate of theft and property crime skyrockets between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. There are two main reasons for this: 1) Burglars know that after Black Friday, most homes contain expensive gifts and gadgets. 2) Burglars know that many people are off visiting relatives, leaving their homes vulnerable.

Burglars don’t just hit homes at random, though. Instead, they look for ones that are likely to have something worth stealing and are easy to break into unnoticed. Think your home is safe? Check the list below and make sure.

Here are 17 things that could be making your home a target for burglars.

1. Empty Boxes

Like I said, burglars target houses that look like they have something worth stealing inside. To do this, they often check for empty boxes in the trash such as TV, computer, smartphone, or gaming console boxes. This is an especially popular tactic after Christmas. Be sure to destroy or conceal such boxes to avoid making your home a tempting target.

2. Obvious Wealth

If possible, make sure your 60-inch LED TV isn’t visible from any windows. Same goes for pricey computers and gaming systems. If a burglar checks all the windows and doesn’t see anything good, he might decide to move on to another house. And if you have a really fancy car, keep it in the garage. Don’t leave it parked outside, no matter how much you want to show it off to your neighbors.

3. Toys in the Yard

Some burglars like targeting houses with children in them, and toys in the yard is a dead giveaway. They figure that if you can afford to have kids, you can afford other expensive things (only burglars without children think this, by the way). They might break in to look for tablets, gaming systems, jewelry, and other valuables.

4. Flyers on the Door

Burglars need an excuse to get close to your home. One way they sometimes do this is by putting flyers on your front door. They may also watch to see if the flyers are taken down in order to determine if someone is home or on vacation. Ask a friend or neighbor to get the flyers for you.

5. An Overflowing Mailbox

Some burglars will simply open your mailbox. If they see that it’s crammed full of envelopes, packages, and junk mail, then it’s safe to assume you’re on vacation. Arrange for a friend or neighbor to get your mail, too.

Number 6 is something I leave on almost all the time.  You can read the entire article at the link below:


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