7 Ridiculous Techniques That Save Preppers Money

Some of these are common sense while a few may be eye openers for some.  Have a look at the list to validate your prepper saving techniques or consider incorporating new ones.  Which one of these techniques do you already practice?

1. Buying In Bulk

The first way prepping will save you money is one of the oldest prepping tricks of all: buying items in bulk. When you buy in bulk, even though you are paying more money up front, you are also paying significantly less money per item, so you will ultimately end up saving money over the long term.

This stands true for practically everything, from water to food to medicines to ammunition and so on. Buy more at once, and you pay less for each item. This is a frugal living tip that doesn’t just apply to prepping; it applies to your everyday life as well! Many ordinary folks who don’t prep buy items in bulk for the purpose of saving money. If you haven’t been to a warehouse store in a while (or ever), check out the things you can get.

2. Buying Raw Ingredients

Another frugal prepping strategy that can save you money is purchasing raw ingredients. Why is this a prepping strategy? Because raw ingredients almost always last longer than processed ingredients, which make them far more suitable for long-term storage.

Furthermore, raw ingredients are often less expensive than their processed counterparts. Here’s a simple rule of thumb: the more stages a food item or ingredient has to go through before it is sold on the market, the more it is going to cost. This holds true for everything from meat to a cheap can of soup.

Not only do raw ingredients last longer and cost less, they’re healthier and more nutritious since they haven’t been processed. Considering these three things, you’d be crazy not to buy more raw ingredients.

3. Buying Less Food To Begin With By Gardening

The more fruits, herbs, and vegetables that you are able to grow on your own, the less of them that you have to buy at the grocery store. It really is that simple.

Furthermore, you can store your fruits and vegetables that you grow in your own garden for the long term by canning and preserving them. They’ll still be perfectly edible and nutritious many months if not years from the date you store them, so when disaster strikes you’ll still have a full stomach.

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