Common Sense Tips To Prevent Purse Snatching / Pick-Pocketing

Common sense approaches can go a long way.  You’d be surprised how many items/purses go missing because this is something that is often overlooked on the 5th tip.

If you’re ready to battle your way through stores during the Christmas rush, then these holiday shopping safety tips will help you prevent purse snatching and other forms of theft. Read on and follow these tips carefully to deter any thieves from stealing your valuables!

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips to Keep Valuables Safe

Nowadays, we cannot be too complacent and relaxed when we’re out shopping. Pickpockets and purse snatchers are always on the lookout for their next target, so we can never let our guard down. They move fast without making you realize your purse or bag is already gone. However, these holiday shopping safety tips should arm you with the know-how to discourage thieves from accomplishing their wicked plans.

1. If possible, leave your purse at home

Bring only items that you really need, such as ID and a bit of cash in your wallet. Place them safely in your pocket. You can also use a purse or a bag if you want to bring additional items like keys, phone or makeup, but do keep them hidden in plain sight.

2. Don’t carry any more cash or credit cards than needed

More often than not, bringing one credit card is enough. Make sure you have written the customer service number on a piece of paper or somewhere, so you can report it in the event your purse is stolen. I personally would add the customer service number into my cell. That said, it is better to keep your cellphone in your pocket and not in your purse while shopping.

3. Walk in busy, well-lit areas

Muggers and thieves are more likely to strike in dark and secluded areas. It would be better if you walk briskly and confidently in busier and well-lit areas. You might also want to consider bringing a friend with you when you go shopping this holiday season.

4. Be aware of the area around you

Awareness of your surroundings is one of the most important factors you need to consider when you’re out shopping. Take a good look at the faces and hands of people who might approach or pass through you. Most of these snatchers like to strike swiftly without being recognized. Do not appear to be vulnerable or exposed and make sure you can describe them if such incident occurs.

5. Hold your purse close to your body

Whether you’re on a bus, a train, or just walking/shopping – hold your bag securely and close to your body. You can also wear it under your jacket or coat and keep it unexposed. Be careful if you want to wear it diagonally on your body or wind the strap around the wrist because a solid pull on the strap can hurt you really bad.

You can read the last two tips from the link below:

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