Never Get Caught With Your Pants Down In A Hurricane

Great article on what you can do so that you can never get caught with your pants down when dealing with hurricanes.  Some of these require some preparation and research but the activities are well worth the read.

There are four basic time periods to consider in preparing for a hurricane:

  1. Well before a storm is forming
  2. When a hurricane is likely to hit your area
  3. During the storm
  4. Dealing with the aftermath

Well before a storm is forming

This is normal life. The time that no one really thinks about hurricanes. This is the time to do all the things that take an extended amount of time to complete or must be started well in advance. The hard part is spending the time now when you don’t have an immediate threat so you need to do this early and make it a part of your everyday life. This doesn’t mean that you need to stop living a normal life but it does mean that you may need to consider re-evaluating how you spend your leisure time and money. This is when you should be doing almost all the actual prepping this article talks about.

Not only does he discuss what to do before and during the hurricane, he also discusses what you should do after the hurricane passes.

Dealing with the aftermath

The aftermath of a hurricane (once the winds have died down) can be actually the most deadly. This is when flood and surge waters fill the streets and further damage structures. It’s also when people start looting (either out of necessity to help their family or just criminal opportunity). You may think the storm is over but if you’re still in the area, the worst may be yet to come. This is the time to collect your family, evaluate your situation, inventory your available resources, and set up short- and mid-term plans of what to do now. 

Establish some way to get broadcast information from the authorities (ham radio, weather radio, neighbor, etc). Also try to establish communications with someone so they know where you are.

You can read the entire article from the link below:

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